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Animas River Arts & Entertainment (ARAE) has produced their signature event, the wildly successful Blues & Brews Fest, in Aztec, New Mexico for 8 years!

New in 2014

Taste of the Blues - Friday April 18th @ Crash Music in the Historic Aztec Theater

SMART START! - An easy way to help students & teachers

During May, June and July, Animas River Arts & Entertainment, in conjunction with CRASH Music, will be collecting school supply donations from merchants and from the public.
This effort will give our Tri-City kids in need a SMART START in providing them with the materials they need to start the new school year in August.
Too many times our already overtaxed teachers reach into their own pockets in order to purchase supplies for their classrooms. This financial sacrifice affects all grade levels from K-12. Parents of kids in need are finding it more and more difficult to afford the basic items that their kids need each school year.
The goal of SMART START is to ease the burden on both teachers and parents and to gear up the kids with new school supplies which in turn will help them feel more confident when they start school.
How can you help? It’s easy! Pick up a box of crayons, pencils, paper or a backpack the next time you go shopping. (Please only donate new or unused items.)
There will be a collection box in the lobby of the Historic Aztec Theater at 104 N. Main Ave in Aztec. Let’s make this program a smashing success by getting enough supplies for at least 500 children!
If you have any questions or want to help call CRASH Music at 505-427-6748.


If you don’t know ARAE--
ARAE is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to producing quality art, music and literary events that benefit communities on many levels.

Our Mission Statement:

Animas River Arts & Entertainment produces quality arts
& entertainment events in rural Western communities to:
♦ enhance and increase attendees’ cultural
experiences, and
♦ fund the development and production of fine
and performing arts workshops and events for
high school students, and
♦ proactively contribute to the economic
development of those communities.


Rural Western America offers a wide variety of recreation options and
ARAE seeks to do the same by offering arts & entertainment options to
those of us who live here and our visitors.

ARAE offers indoor and outdoor events featuring music, art, books and
poetry… and often a unique blend of them all in any one event!

The intimate scale of our events provides attendees with the opportunity to meet performers, artists, authors, etc.

We strive to produce a quality experience for our guests from ticket purchase to event departure.


ARAE events often include workshops for musicians, writers, poets and artists.
Topics range from the techniques of each craft to developing your craft into a successful business.

In addition, ARAE has established a scholarship program for students accepted into a post-secondary fine arts or performing arts program.


ARAE events support economic development in several ways.

ARAE and our vendors purchase local goods and services for the preparation and production of events.

ARAE contracts with area artists and food vendors to show and sell their
products at our events.

Event attendees purchase motel rooms, fuel, food and other goods & services when attending ARAE events.

Event attendees identify host communities as arts & entertainment destinations. This encourages additional tourism.

Business owners seeking to relocate existing enterprises or start new ones
frequently list a vibrant cultural life as a desired location characteristic. ARAE events positively contribute to that factor.